Selfish And Proud Of It.

Because sometimes, it really is all about me.

I know how bratty that sounds, but every once in a while you need to focus inward, figure things out, and make some changes. Challenge yourself. Grow. All the Dr. Phil words.
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My path was to commit to P90X3, an intense 90 day workout program executed by using a set of DVDs, very little equipment, and an ocean of sweat. And... I did it.

The P90X system also recommends (that's the kindest word I can come up with) that you change your eating plan; a little by eating healthier (good.) and a lot by adding their vitamin-packed blended drinks called Shakeology. I'm all for healthy eating, but in my little world, buying bags of powder and replacing meals with them is not a sustainable program. So my decision was: If I can't continue with it, why start. I've seen others who've gone all-in on the workouts-and-Shakeology program get mind blowing results... Only to come crashing to earth when they start eating real food again. No thanks. I'll take less impactful results I can maintain and improve upon.
And speaking of results, I got some. And I'll be honest: My brain has been swayed by the slick editing of shows like The Biggest Loser and before-and-after snapshots from P90X superstars. I was expecting more. But when I think about it, that's silly. I wasn't in hideous shape before I started, and I'm so. much. stronger now. The difference I feel is incredible. Plus - bonus - I lost 3 pounds and 2.5 inches overall. What, you were expecting 13 pounds? 30? Me too, admittedly, especially after I dropped four in week one. But like I said: Silly. Inches are HARD to lose, and I lost more than 2 of 'em. My clothes fit better, my muscles are considerably more defined, and I have energy for days.
This is the one time you're not going to see me post a before and after on this blog. Here comes that Dr. Phil again, but for me, this ended up being more about the journey and not so much about the end product. Working out for 90 days in a row sucks. There are days when I just flat out wanted to throw a tantrum. But I did it. Every. Damn. Day. And you know what? It was my first day off yesterday and I couldn't wait to come home and jump on the spin bike.

Something changed in me. And isn't that the whole point of a challenge anyway?

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  1. I am so unbelievably proud of you my gorgeous friend. You are truly an inspiration!


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