T1D Tuesday: Get After It

For the month of November - Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Month - my Monday Random Round Up goes on hiatus, making way for T1D Tuesday. 
Let's get educated, motivated, and moving on making Type One, Type None. 
Donate to my cousin Ella's efforts by clicking right here.

I've told you about my reason for promoting research and awareness for Type 1 Diabetes. I've told you about the research being done and the advancements being made. We've talked personal stories and hard science. And it's been great.

But now what? What can you do?

It's not all about dollars (although, super awesome if you want to support that way). There are tons of ways to get involved and create your own network of spreading the word.
There are JDRF support chapters all over the country (and even the world), and you can find your nearest one right here. Your local chapter can offer personal contacts in the area, local activities, and even a brick-and-mortar office if you prefer face to face info gathering.
Ella at the doc
JDRF is all about being active too: Runs, walks, even bike rides, with proceeds going to fund research and development like what I've described this past month.

So many ways to support and get involved on any level you're comfortable with - Check it out.
And just to make sure we're all passing along quality information, take spin through these common myths about Type 1. Some of them SO common, you will be surprised to find they're not actually true!

Thanks for hanging with me every Tuesday in November, guys. Not only is the topic important, but how often these days to we get to say 'a cure is within reach' and mean it. Really mean it. A girl who is now nine could see a day when she wakes up and thinks "remember when I was diabetic...?"

Past tense is a beautiful thing. We can make it happen.
"I'm going to be a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon when I grow up."

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