T1D Tuesday: My Reason

For the month of November - Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Month - my Monday Random Round Up goes on hiatus, making way for T1D Tuesday. Let's get educated, motivated, and moving on making Type One, Type None. 
Donate to my cousin Ella's efforts by clicking right here.

I don't have Type 1 Diabetes. Neither does my husband. Or my parents, or his parents, or any of my friends.

So why? Why do I care?

My 9 year old cousin Ella was diagnosed with T1D in 2011 as an active, creative, and smart-as-a-whip seven year old. Here's her story, as told by her mom:
When she was diagnosed I realized how little I really knew about diabetes of all sorts. How straight are you on the facts? Take a quick spin through this quiz and find out. I still have so much to learn! Meet me back here next Tuesday and we'll get some insight on some crazy-amazing research happening right now.

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