Closet Talk

Talking to a friend about closet clutter recently I shared my favorite trick to fix it - one I thought was old news - and she ate it up. So I figured I'd better share it with you guys just in case.

It easily qualifies as my favorite because it pretty much requires no work. Ready?
1) Open your closet.
2) Turn all your hangers so the open side of the hook is facing you.
3) Come back next January. Any hangers still facing the 'wrong' way? Time to assess those pieces and give 'em away or rework them to suit your needs.
Simple, right? January is the easiest time for me as it's the whole new-year-fresh-start thing, plus I've probably gotten some clothes for Christmas and need a hanger or two. Flipping the hangers gives you an obvious visual of what you're not wearing, without having to do an entire closet overhaul the next time you're trying to wedge something in.

Get flippin'!

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