Random Round Up: Girl Time

So apparently this is what I do now, post once a week. I feel like I go through this every year: A lull in creativity, in inspiration, in motivation. Ideas are percolating, but instead of bursting forth in a can't-keep-up tirade like 'normal', it's more of a swimming-groggily-towards-a-filtered-light-source pace.
Regardless, a Random Round Up you shall have.
It was Girls Weekend with my BFFs/college roomies.
So we went for a walk around our old stompin' grounds.
Even coerced some nice current students into snapping a pic for us.
Delicious dining out on Mexican at a much-touted restaurant.
All capped off in the best way with a 'Hawks trip to the Superbowl all locked up!
Don't give up on me quite yet, I'm bound to come back to life soon!

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