Pretty Little Ones

Title side note: Do you know Steve Martin is an amazing songwriter and banjo player? I love him.

I feel like I've talked about the backyard so. many. times. on this blog, but never really touched the front. It's just that the backyard is a jungle of, well, jungle, and the front yard is relatively tamed. But that doesn't mean it can't get a little colorful TLC from time to time.

With the front yard in mind, we headed to Home Depot and picked up a few perennials to spruce up some bare patches.
First up, tackling a suddenly very dead boxwood-esque hedge in the front planting bed. I suspect the cats in our neighborhood had something to do with this plant's demise, but [thankfully] I found no... evidence. Regardless, it was way past due for a serious weeding and some trimming of plants around it. In went the Dwarf Rhodie.
Next, a seriously sunny spot in the planting area right in front of the house. There's already an Andromeda in the row of mature landscaping, so I figured one more might balance things out. Plus, these get nice and bushy and are pretty hearty around these parts.
 And for color, a 'Tequila Sunrise' Avens on either side.
Last but not least, a large pot by the door I usually stick some annuals in. This year I went for more perennials, and one of my absolute favorite flowers at that: Anemones. These are shade-lovers, so tucked up on the sun-for-only-two-hours-in-the-morning front steps is a perfect spot.
Nate would still like to pop in some annuals around the cherry tree right that butts up against the sidewalk, but I'm wondering: Maybe some shade-loving year 'round green kind of options? Hostas maybe? I need to do some research. Or leave me a note in the comments if you have suggestions!

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