Blaze of Glory

What to do with a dated fireplace and no desire to spend the money on a full facelift? Why the Botox of the craft world of course: Spray paint.

Presto-change-o, an upgrade in a bottle:
Not horrible, but dated and, well... gold.
We spend the most time in this room. Time for a change. (Husky v.ball on tv!)
High Heat spray paint?! SOLD.
We won't hit this temp, but good to know.
Off, outside, ready for a makeover.
Three very light coats and some dry-time later...
...Popped back into it's home and ready for action!
So much better and less... gold.
I'll have to figure out what to do with the inset still-gold trim around the edge since it isn't removable, but even if I never come up with a solution for that the result is pretty fab. I love that the fireplace is matte but the spray paint is a semi-gloss, allowing there to be some textural interest even though it's all the same color.

Funny how making something LESS of a standout is just what the room needs sometimes!

P.S. This is getting tagged with the 'Quick Craft' category too because the actual spray paint took about 10 minutes. The taping/foiling took about 15-20, and the dry time was of course 24 hours to allow for off-gassing before it came in from the garage. But super fast for this high of an impact. Love it! Spray paint strikes again!

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