Window Seat Complete!

Okay nearly, but the total structure is FINISHED, and all that's left to do is make cushions. So, so exciting - It looks like it was always meant to be there! Couldn't have wished for a more perfect outcome, and all thanks to my Dad's amazing carpentry skills and patience.

Ready to get inundated with pics? Here we go...
Tucker supervises as the last piece goes in.
Adding trim
Good thing those dogs are around to make sure we're on the right track.
Strength Testing Committee
Trim finished and ready for filler and paint!
Pre-finishing touches
Next up: Wood filler
And some plaster to smooth out corners.
So scary to do this part...!!
Gotta get ugly before it gets good.... I hope...
Now the pretty begins - Paint going on!
Vertical trim pieces to cover bench-segment seams.
Could it be...?? It's DONE!
And look at those corner seams - Gone!
And just to save you from carpal tunnel, a little [way] before and after snapshot:
 I can't believe it's really finished... Seems almost like magic that something I saw in my mind's eye pretty much from our first viewing of the house with our realtor has come to such (freaking awesome) fruition.

Shall we review the list once again?
*Build & Prime
*Rip out carpet underneath structure (and eventually put in flooring - can't WAIT for that)
*Remove baseboard trim from wall and place on bottom of bench (we went with new in the end)
*Fill holes and touch-up paint
*Adhere vertical decorative (and seam-hiding) trim to body of bench
*Adhere trim to front lip of seat cover
*Make cushions

Only one item left, and that's all on me.... So you can bet that will take a minute or two to get done. But y'all will be the first to see the results! I'll keep you posted.

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