Random Round Up: Rejuvinating Weekend

We're nearing 80 days of no rainfall here, which is utterly and completely unheard of (as in, we broke a 1922 record yesterday at 70-something days). It's wreaking havoc on my sinus headache prone self, but getting out and enjoying it has become priority one after a cool summer and impending months of wet.
The new iPhone comes with a panorama capability - Click to enlarge and see the train/beach/gorgeous-ness. 
Apples sauteing in spices - The smell of fall!
Day lilies blooming like crazy.
The sweetest: Sleepy pup on my shoulder.
Sushi date at my favorite place.
This is happening. Sorry Tuck!
Walkin' on a cloud with new Saucony tennies. (Thanks for the gift card, work!)

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