Please Be Seated

We have a window seat!!

Okay, well sort of. But it is officially installed and I have enjoyed it in all it's un-cushioned, un-trimmed glory multiple times already. Check out all the hard work that went in over the weekend - And take note, this program has been shortened to fit the time allotted... It really took almost 8 full hours of labor. Huge thanks to my dad and hubs!!!
They're too fast for a prelim shot - Carpet already up and pad out!
Trim removed and Nate cleaning up the crumbs.
Giant clamp in use.
More giant clamping.
Tucker taking in the chaos - Bench in and new bottom trim on!
Lots and lots (and lots) of this in the garage.
Not even finished fully and it's glorious!
Like it was always meant to be! See the puggle in the corner? Let's zoom in...
Loving this amazing autumn weather.
So needless to say, we still have some things to do - Let's take a look at the list, shall we?
*Build & Prime
*Rip out carpet underneath structure (and eventually put in flooring - can't WAIT for that)
*Remove baseboard trim from wall and place on bottom of bench (we went with new in the end)
*Fill holes and touch-up paint (this one's new to the list now that the construction dust has settled)
*Adhere vertical decorative (and seam-hiding) trim to body of bench
*Adhere trim to front lip of seat cover
*Make cushions

We're really getting there - Feels much more real now that it's in and the baseboard trim is on. That really just sealed the reality deal for me. More work is slated to happen in a couple weeks when a piece my dad took home to rework comes back for installation. You know I'll keep you posted!

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