Blast From The Past

A month or two ago, my parents showed me a letter my dad's grandfather had written his grandmother from his college dorm when they were dating. I love ancestry and meaningful antiques, so I was all over that gem. Written in 1908, I loved the sentence structure, the verbiage, the sentiment... And immediately saw it framed for display.

Luckily, I have generous parents, and it came home with me to carry out my plan.
See that bottom left stamp? 1908 - 104 years old!
Frames on the cheap from Marshall's (under $10 each, mat included)
"My Dear Margaret..."
"Miss Margaret Taylor, 9 Wright Avenue, Halifax, Nova Scotia"
Time to hang 'em!
Before - Blank n' Boring
I'm so in love with the result, and even though I wish they were in a part of our home that was more frequently seen by visitors, I really think this is the perfect spot. It's important that the over 100 year old paper and ink stay in a dim place, and although this wall faces a window, we don't get direct sunlight through it high enough to hit the wall.

Couldn't be happier with the first thing to be hung in the master bedroom - Makes me excited to get things on the walls here and in other rooms as well. Nothing like a successful project to get me motivated for more!

"...I am looking forward to seeing you in not so many weeks. I hope the day is near when I shall see you always. God bless you my dear and keep you.
                                                             Yours now and always,


  1. oh my god this made me cry. How gorgeous. How touching. I love it. I love you.

  2. This is such a great way to honor your ancestors...and amazing that the letter has stood the test of time. Wow! Nice treatment and great way to showcase soemething really special!


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