All Aglow

One of the first things I said during the initial walk-through of what was to be our house was "that dining room lighting fixture has GOT to GO". And just about one year later, I'm happy to report that guy is history!

And okay, by history I mean in a box in the garage waiting for the next Goodwill trip, but still. It's not dangling from the ceiling like the glittering gold eyesore it was, so I count it good as gone.

I've never been happier to use up the last of a gift card stash. Ready for picture-o-rama?
The old guy...
...with a spotlight in the bottom...
...and lovely black zip tie antennae.
And so we were left with a blank slate - well, a blank slate with a hole in it - and utter chaos happening in the adjoining living room (just keeping it real here, folks):
But on to slightly bigger and an enormous amount better!
It's on a dimmer, which makes it look like glowing candles.
And to save you a little scrolling:
I keep pausing to stare at it every time it catches my eye, and Nate's admitted he's been doing the same... Which means we keep lurking in doorways all googly-eyed as we peer at our new pride-n-joy.
Peeking from the kitchen.
And now of course the Ikea dining table with only three chairs and the builder-standard interfacing-like blinds are looking especially janky as the rest of the room comes together, but isn't a never-ending list of to-do's on of the joys of being a home owner?

I kind of love that. Endless possibilities.

P.S. Love our new light? We picked it up at Home Depot, and you can here.

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  1. Looks awesome! The zip tie was esp hilarious. I don't think most people think of interfacing when they look at blinds (if they even know what interfacing is!) but it doesn't surprise me that you do. Every time I see a certain shade of blue, esp in stripe form, I think of painter's tape.


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