Baby Steps

Mini-progress update!

Because sometimes you have to revel in those small, check-it-off-the-list moments.

Like finding the right fabric to make the window seat cushions (no, it's not ordered yet, and for the record this is a pretty terrible swatch in terms of included colors):
THE fabric, along with a couch cushion and the wall/bench color.
And FINALLY figuring out which white is the right white (say that five times fast...):
These all look "white" in the store. Ugggggh.
Like I said, baby steps. And I'm gonna celebrate every one of 'em.


  1. How about a project with all of the rejected white paint chips. Winter white wreath? Holiday gift tags?

  2. Totally on the same page - Saving them because I just KNOW there's potential there for something great!


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