Random Round Up: Let's Eat!

Forget Fat Tuesday - This Thanksgiving weekend was a feast on all fronts... And leaves me actually looking forward to working out this week.
Mini Pumpkin Pies by yours truly.
Antipasto skewers - A huge hit!
Grown up cocoa to kick off our holiday weekend.
Beans prepped...and forgotten in our fridge. Sigh.
Jelly Belly... They tell you in the name. Why can't I stop eating them!?
 And a feast for these nerdy eyes: Massive backlog of projects (Christmas and otherwise) thanks to a double whammy trip to Home Depot and a nearby Joann Fabrics superstore.
 Expect updates on that spread starting this week!

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  1. Looks like a gastronomic feast around your place. So much yummy stuff. But those jelly beans...ugg...we fell for the Costco jar b/c of a coupon...bad idea! And yes, the belly is like jelly. Enjoying all your posts, Ashley!


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