Random Round Up: Under the Weather

We rallied toward the end of the weekend, but it was pretty slow going the last few days! Thankful for a job that allows for some recovery time, a hot mug of tea, and a couch piled with blankets and a warm puppy.
Frosty morning
Lots of this happening.
Taking care of me or just begging?*
Nate was down and out Saturday - Puppy heating pad, engage.
Last home U.Dub game of the season & last game at CenturyLink field - Renovated Husky Stadium next year!
Here's to a new and healthy week ahead!

*Did you notice the hairless bump by Tucker's nose? Don't be concerned - The vet checked him out and said it's basically a conglomeration of white blood cells that will disappear in a few weeks. Keeping an eye on it to be sure, but all's well. :)

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