In Like...... Something That's In.

We're moved in!

But it's ugly. No carpet upstairs means nothing can go up there yet.... And with a solid 2+ weeks of back-order, it's going to be a little bit of extra chaos for a while. Most of the closets are upstairs, meaning the majority of our clothes and shoes are in piles, bins, or Forever 21 shopping bags clustered around the downstairs.

For heaven's sake, we haven't even established a laundry basket because all the baskets and bins are filled with clean stuff still!
My dad attacking our gutters despite the breezy, COLD day.
BUT. We are in our house. The chaos will dissipate and my guess is in a couple years we'll hardly remember all this tumult.
Tucker's got the relaxing down - He LOVES the new fireplace!

Hot Doggin'
Thank goodness for selective memory.
Nate opening goodies
 Happy side note : Even though my mom was sick as a dog and ended up not being able to come slog through join in the moving day festivities, she managed to send along a Birthday-In-A-Bag for Nate, complete with lunch, chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, party napkins, and a gift. The PERFECT end to a frozen-fingered, sweaty-browed morning and afternoon.

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