Tornado Alley

There's a method out there that if you make something negative public, you'll be more motivated to make a change.

Well... Here's hoping.

I cringe to post about this, but it's a project that's going to be taking up some precious other-house-activity time, so I may as well let you in on our dirty little secret: My Someday-Sewing-Room.

As soon as we saw the house we knew the sunny room was destined to be my crafty corner, and since it wouldn't be put to use right away, we went about filling it up with anything and everything we moved in but didn't have an immediate place for.


Between wedding prep and moving, the place has ended up looking like (.....deep breath.....) this:
Tornado alley 2.0, right? Now honestly, I probably wouldn't have had the guts to post these if I hadn't already made some headway. A solid 4+ hours put in on Saturday morning created a lot of floor space, along with a LOT of recycling and a fair amount in the to-toss and give-away piles too.

I purposely titled the file names of these pictures "sewing room BEFORE" in my computer, so that means there just has to be an after... Right? Right. Let the sorting commence... er, continue.

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