Farewell Flooring!

You saw the process of getting rid of the kitchen linoleum last, so thought I'd squish all the other results into this one post: Hardwood and more carpet, gone! It was my personal undertaking to remove every last piece of hardwood from the foyer/hall/powder room via sledge hammer, rubber mallet, 36" pry bar and good ol' fashioned sweat. And... Success! Let's bring on the before and after...er, during, shall we?
Foyer Before (can't see from here, but hardwood is very damaged)
Foyer (and hall) Demo'd (black paper is old moisture barrier)
Powder Room Before (hardwood splintering/damaged here too, really)
And Powder Room Demo'd - Sink and toilet in the garage, classy.
Family Room Before (and a Tucker butt)
Family Room Getting Sealed (it was down to bare wood in here)
Family Room Demo'd!
Meanwhile, the kitchen now looks like this:
Utter Chaos
But this was pretty satisfying...
Bye linoleum!
 We're living on the bare bones, drop cloths, and shoes on at all times (which kills me)... But that just means that the flooring is really happening. Right. Now.

Reveal next week!

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