Tree Trouble

Posting this means it's becoming a reality to me: My favorite tree in our yard, the curly willow, is in serious trouble. And the more it rains, the more trouble it's in.

Not sure if you're aware, but it rains a little bit in western Washington. ...Just a little.

The tree is basically dying: Tipping toward the house, bark peeling and leaves not sprouting on several branches despite the season. I'm so sad about it - It was one of the first things I noticed in the yard when we were shopping our house, and people always comment on it when they come over. We're going to start by taking off a couple of the larger branches to see if the situation will rectify itself, but I'll keep you posted. Cross your fingers for my tree!
The tree is leaning waaaaay over...
...which when wet makes our view to the yard look like this: Leaves.
Peeling bark.
And more peeling bark.

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