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You may notice the blog has had a minor facelift - There's only so much to write about my own wedding, so I'll be posting about projects and happenings in our new married, home-owning life as well. Enjoy!

Now that I'm not immersed in tissue flowers, it's time to tackle the real ones outside.

We are so lucky to have bought a home where the original owners really (and I mean REALLY) cared about their yard. All of our plants are mature and native so not only do they look great, but they basically sustain themselves - A huge bonus for yard novices like us.

The bad news portion of this program is that there have been years of renters in the home in between Mr. & Mrs. Green Thumb and us, meaning it's a jungle out there. Starting the work is daunting, but it's pretty darn satisfying to get in there and see some progress.

Exhibit A, my after work project this week :
 This jungle-esqe corner of the backyard was a tangle of weeds, broken terracotta pots, and ancient plant supports. There are a few plants that need to be removed and transplanted elsewhere due to the massively overgrown rhododendron (it can't get cut back until later in the year due to growth cycles), but quite an improvement, eh?

More tomorrow - We're on a roll!

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