Found: Second Patio!

You may notice the blog has had a minor facelift - There's only so much to write about my own wedding, so I'll be posting about projects and happenings in our new married, home-owning life as well. Enjoy!

As I mentioned yesterday, we've been on a roll in the back yard, taking full advantage of the first few days of nice weather (finally hit the over 70 degree mark for the first time since last September, woohoo!). Nate's especially been a beast, tearing up (blackberry vines, weeds, dead things) and tearing down (weird chain link fence boxes) anything that needs to be attacked.

In fact, he's so driven that I didn't even get to take a real 'before' photo of the latest improvement, but trust me, it was a doozy.

Along one side of our house a previous owner constructed an open-top cage made of chain link, complete with gate to get in and out. It wasn't huge, perhaps a four square foot base, but we were never going to use it and it was blocking access to some nice yard attributes behind it (a camellia bush and a blooming cherry tree). And as Nate was investigating, he found it had been erected on a rather nice 'patio' made of brick pavers.

Nate gets home an hour before I do, and apparently that's time enough to tear that link-y sucker down. I grabbed my phone for some pictures before it was all over :
part of 'the cage'
Nate working hard - More of 'the cage' on right

 Excuse the big dark shadow in that last photo, but just trying to show how large the area actually is. And to clarify a little depth perception, our neighbor's house you see in the background isn't as close as it looks. More like 40-50 yards away from the fence.

I'm excited to actually USE this hunk-o-space now that it exists - Hoping to get a cute bench or a couple wrought iron-y chairs out there someday. Love it!

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  1. Cage = creepy. Looks awesome. I'm coming over for a BBQ, make sure you have veggie burgers. ;)


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