Random Round Up: Slowing Down

Okay... Trying to slow down is probably more of a truth. With only a couple weeks to go until Baby J's arrival, I get tired so much more easily but it seems like I have more to do than ever. How do you find the balance??

That's not rhetorical guys, I really want to know. Help a girl out. "Just take it slow" doesn't really work for me and my constant need to close out to-do lists.

Anywhoo, here's what happened - along with a lot of couch time and napping - this weekend:
The leaves in my neighborhood are just starting to turn. Love it!
A co-worker and her mom made a quilt for Baby J, amazing!!
Got all the clothes put away this weekend... Whoa.
My house may still be in relative shambles, but at least a few of my plants will
make it through the winter now.
I took a pre-nap to gear up and a then needed a couch sesh to recover. Ha!
Cutting back the backyard for colder temps forced me to trim the last of the
hydrangea blooms. So pretty!
Happy Monday, y'all!

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