Showered With Love

In a word: Amazing. My baby shower, hosted by my Mother-In-Law and coordinated with my mom and two best buddies, was this past weekend, and I can't think of a word other than 'amazing' to sum it up. So much love, so much time invested, and so much gratefulness from me. Words can't do it justice, so enjoy these pics!
My MiL's amazing friend loaned out this 115 year old family heirloom crib
to hold gifts by the front door. So gorgeous!

My parents worked their magic on creating this diaper tricycle. So cute!
Every detail accounted for - Check out those arrow-printed clothespins!
Sweetly framed invite, complete with pretty little accoutrements.
We played The Price Is Right... I lost after not even knowing the price of my own
Starbucks drink! D'oh! Haha
Gorgeous garden flowers on every surface.
My bestie from childhood, Rebecca.
Seriously, EVERY detail. See the tiny blue pacifiers?!
My mom and her neighbor whipped up the most delicious cupcakes
in three different flavors: Raspberry, orange, and chocolate coconut. YUM.
Little candy favors all dressed up like onesies.
My girls. Fifteen years of friendship and counting!
So cute. Just everything: So cute.
Thank you to all of you who contributed, came, sent good vibes, everything. I'm chock full o'love, and we have the luckiest lil' guy.

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