Random Round Up: Weekend o'Love

Such a wonderful, love-filled weekend 'round here: My two besties were up to stay with me, and right in the middle was my baby shower. Guess what, world? People are NICE. The generosity and support were overwhelming, and the hubs and I were left feeling unbelievably special and loved. Couldn't ask for better!
Autumn is kicking off in a picture-perfect way.
Between the massage chair and the foot rub, this has been the BEST treat for myself.
Two of the last teams in the nation to be undefeated so far went head to head.
My Huskies lost, but it was a hard fought battle. Hooray for volleyball season!!
They are just the best ever.
Swelling continues to be an every-morning issue... New meaning to
Beyoncé's 'I Woke Up Like This' line, eh?? HA. But why only really
bad in one hand?! Bizarre, per usual.
I'll share some shower details later this week - My mother-in-law and her friend outdid themselves in design and decor, and my mom and two best girls followed up with perfect little touches of their own. Wonderful! And here's hoping the same for us all for the week ahead.

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