Meet My Vendors: Dana Pleasant Photography

The top three questions I've been getting lately :
1) Have you set a date?
2) Where is it going to be?
3) Do you have a photographer yet?

Although I haven't kept up as of late, I am a former scrapbooking enthusiast. I also pretend to be an amateur photographer (VERY amateur), so it makes me happy that other people care about the wedding photography as much as I do.

Enter : Dana Pleasant Photography .
I found Dana through my venue's website (we'll get to that in a later post), and fell . in . love .

If in some other life I become an actual photographer, hers are the pictures I would love to emulate. The best part to me : Everyone in her photos look so relaxed and like their true selves. If you've ever had any portraits taken, you know the likelihood of a few awkward moments ('you want me to put my hand where?!'). Plus, you have to put all your trust in the person behind the lens to tell you your hair doesn't look like Don King in the wind that just kicked up, and no, your double chin is not making an uninvited appearance.

Oh yeah, and these are the pictures you're going to look back on FOREVER and know it's probably the best you'll ever look.

No pressure.

I have full faith in Dana, and cannot wait (seriously, jumping out of my skin, here.) for our engagement photo session which will hopefully be happening in September or October, and of course, The Day itself, and all those little whirlwind moments that will be captured for me to look back on.
All images by Dana Pleasant (www.DanaPleasant.com)

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