Not the Dress

Does anyone else have a different body in their brain then in reality?

I went wedding dress shopping a week ago, and ended up leaving super happy with MY dress (Squeeeee! Ahem. Excuse Me.), but the one I went in to try on that I thought would be a slam dunk was hor-ren-dous. Like : I was a man in a dress. A linebacker. Positively the most unflattering thing I've ever put on my body! The silver lining, however, was since it was the first one I put on, it could only go up from there.

And it did. Thank goodness. Some other girl is going to look so great in this guy though - Super cute, right?
Decidedly NOT my dress.


  1. That's the dress that I wanted to love too! But, it just wasn't right somehow...I did find the one on that first shopping day too, but that wasn't it, even though I put it on 5 times and tried to in love with it!

  2. I also wanted to love this dress, and I do in the picture. I think what I figured out when I tried it on is, you have to be tall. If not, you're automatically the Michelin Man. Can't wait to see pictures when the day finally arrives!


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