Felt Flower Fiesta : Part Deux

Sorry, mixing my languages up top there. What can I say, I'm equal opportunity.

The felt flowers are moving right along - I'm making them production style, a throwback to my former job of handbag creation. And I've decided to leave a little magic in the process here too - I still want y'all to come into the wedding with a little wonder, so if you're looking for a step-by-step, this ain't it (mmkay, that felt harsh. If you really have need to know, email me and we can discuss).

So first I'm cutting out stacks (and stacks and stacks) of strips and coils of felt. This felt:
And then, armed with my trusty sewing machine, glue gun, and little popsicle-toothpick hybrids called Woodsies, I'm doin' a little of this action:
Those little blue starburst-like flowers are actually "table confetti" (seriously, this world of wedding merchandise has EVERYTHING) I found at Michael's craft store and attached Woodsies of a different form.

Nate wins serious fiance points for trekking through said craft store with me, toting a really embarassing haul of felt and styrofoam balls, and then waiting for me to use coupons for each one. Oh and the felt has to be scanned individually.

And he still wants to marry me. #Winning (shout out to my pop culture fanatic friends.)

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