Bottle Neck

I am 99.9% sure I have laid claim to the most patient guy on the planet.

Because while the Felt Flower Fiesta is in full swing, so is the creation of what I'll refer to as... "holders". I'm not really into the flower-with-votive-on-mirror table decor I've seen at a million and one weddings, so I decided to go a bit of a different direction. Yeah, yeah, I know you're just shocked.
 The beginning stages of the 3-4 day puff paint application... I drink a lot of coffee.
Enter : Bottles! It's my belief that basically anything looks great if it looks deliberate. For instance, slap a sticker on a piece of paper and it looks like a random sticker floating in paper space. But add a few more around it, and boom : Deliberate cluster design. Catch my drift?

So - obviously - I'm coating every interesting bottle I can get my hands on with puff paint and matte white spray paint. Totally the next logical step, right? Ha.
A batch finished with it's puff paint application(s).
It's working really well though, and I got the idea from this tutorial on the blog PS...I Made This. I figure each table will get a minimum of two bottles, one large and one small. The small will have one of the styrofoam/tulle creations resting on it, while the tall will have the really-cool-table-marker-I-haven't-created-yet in it. Or you know, something like that. It's a work in progress, per usual.
Freshly sprayed with 1st coat and drying on the mantle on a hi-tech protective tinfoil bed.
And back to that Most Patient Guy award from the beginning of the post? All three pictures are in his living room RIGHT NOW. Like, all happening at once. I didn't follow one group through it's stages, there are just three stages happening sometimes at all times. Seriously : He wins.

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  1. Kim was reminding me about this post and I had to go back and look at it again. It's so cool/simple/slap your head on the forehead, why didn't I think of that - ish.


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