Balls & Tulle

Today I owe the world a geek dollar.
 I am wriggling-in-my-desk-chair excited over 6" green foam balls and turquoise tulle found on eBay for a frikken' STEAL. Because guess what? At the top of my list of Things I Never Knew I Cared About sits the price of styrofoam balls - Rather, the astronomical price.
When you want say... 20 of these puppies, the craft store ticket of $6.99 per ball causes some serious sticker shock.
 Hallelujah eBay: $1.50 per. Seriously. I bought out the sellers lot for the price of a Saturday trip with Nate to Starbucks ($10.50 plus $5 shipping).

And the tulle I found this morning? Five yard bolts of turquoise tulle for under $6 per bolt. Um, yes please. Thirty yards plus shipping of one super-bulky box (I don't envy the eBay-er that has to tote those to the post office) for $40.
For the record, yes, the tulle and balls will come together in a hopefully happy marriage (ha) of craftiness... But we'll have to cross that bridge when we come to it.

As always, in my head it looks awesome. Cross your fingers.
All images courtesy of PhotoBucket.com

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