I think my lists have lists at this point. I've always been a crazy list-maker... And yes, I sometimes almost always add the stuff I've accomplished prior to making the physical list down just to cross them off. It's crazy.

Crazy satisfying, that is.
Anyway, a registry is just a glorified list, right? And now you can do it all online. I'm nearly done, and haven't even had to drag Nate to the stores once (apparently the one kind of shopping he's not interested in doing). But I had no. freaking. idea. that there was so much STUFF to choose.

I mean, do normal people know that there are 5 billion "casual dining" sets out there? Yeah. There are. Let me tell you, the one thing I never thought I'd struggle with: Plates. We've ended up with off-white, because I'm afraid I'm going to be so sick of the color/pattern in 10 years that I'm going to smash them Greek-wedding style in my kitchen.They are square though, so that's something.
Image courtesy of Phillips.blog.com
New table linens are cheaper than new plates, so therefore, white = best choice. Ahh, logic. I feel better now... Don't tell me otherwise.

Anyway. I was all set to be bothered by the fact that Nate didn't want to go fake shopping with me with the scanning gun, but really... I'm not. He had one request: A bright green Kitchenaid. Does he bake? No. But he would like one to sit on the counter and look pretty, please. So here we are, registered for goodies to fill a home.

Still working on that whole "home" part.... but whatever. I'll go fake shop for my fake guestroom now. 


  1. I had no idea you were a list maker like me!! I swear I can't servive without writing down my lists to do each day....

  2. HAVE TO COMMENT ON THIS. We registered for plates, and they ran out of our every day selection at Pottery Barn. ONLY YESTERDAY WHISLT UNPACKING did we realize they-(the replacement Pottery Barn suggested,) were monster size, AND the bowls were 1/2 deep. Like...no. Plate nightmare. p.s. I love you.


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