As promised, a few more shots of those L-O-V-E-ly 3-D letters that were whipped up this last weekend. Spearheaded by my dad, the letters were sketched, measured... measured again... cut, and taped within an inch of their lives. It was knee-creaking, back-aching work on a tile floor, but everybody brought their A-game and conception to completion happened in a little over 4 hours.
It all kicked off with some amazing homemade cinnamon rolls - Yes, not only does he engineer multidimensional cardboard masterpieces, he also can bake up a mean breakfast pastry.
 My parent's pup, Shiloh, in her Halloween best.
 One done!
 ... And four hours later, the completed set.
 We hadn't quite gotten the hang of the self-timer ...
 Clearly when we decide to make " crazy faces " only my dad and I are cut from the same cloth.

So : Ta da! There you have it. Like they say in t.v. movie land, this post has been edited to fit your screen and run in the time allotted.


  1. L-O-V-E Shiloh in her sweater! What did the dogs think of you working on the floor?

  2. They were all up in our business for a while... Then migrated to softer, quilt-ier lands... :)


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