All Lit Up

Let it be known: I have a deep and abiding love for spray paint. It's transformative powers are seriously amazing, and I plan to prove it in this post. Get ready for a lamp-tastic makeover...
As in any marriage, both people bring stuff to the home that the other isn't exactly thrilled with. Case in point, Nate's ugly but very functional 80's style lamp.
I hate the way it looks, but love the ability to choose how bright the light will be by turning on one, two, or all three bulbs. Clearly a spray paint makeover was on the docket. Enter Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic spray paint.
A light sanding, a good wipe-down, and multiple very thin coats (plus some dry time)... presto!
Just make sure if you spray paint outside with bare feet... You know what? Just don't. Wear shoes or old socks or something. Because otherwise your shower will look like this, and even with multiple scrubbings of bleach you won't have it completely back. Whoops.
But... So worth it.
Goodbye 80's, hello sleek and modern.

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