As I mentioned, my parents came up for a visit this past weekend, and with them came the window seat/bench that my dad has been designing. So exciting! It was the first time I got to see it this far along in person, and the progress was amazing.

Currently in four pieces, it's sort of in rough draft form: No top attached yet (it will be hinged), but primer'd and the two main compartments are lined with aromatic cedar*, creating a kind of hope chest feel. YUM.
Nate & my dad blocking things out.
View from the top
Aromatic cedar lining - So pretty and so functional!
Sadly, the whole shebang had to go back home with my parents to be tweaked a bit, but soon it will be back up north for the big install. Then it's up to us to give it a coat of paint and, of course, fill 'er up! I'll keep you posted on the project progress - So excited about this one!

*Why lined in cedar? Check out a good synopsis of the benefits here (not to mention it smells DELICOUS).

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