Jean-etics: Finished Product (Finally.)

A while back - okay, months ago if I'm being honest - I showed you a couple of pictures of a pair of trouser-style jeans I had in the works. I made them, fitted them... and then folded them up and stashed them away lazily before FINALLY pulling them out to do the finishing.

Namely, throwing on some back pockets.

Yep, for some reason it took me weeks upon weeks to get up the gumption to cut out and sew on two patches of fabric. It's how I work, I don't know why.

Anyway. The following aren't the most flattering photos since it was a humid 82 degrees out and I was struggling with my camera's self timer, but I have to prove that they're finally finished!

Remember, we started with this:
And now, we have... da da daaa! This:
I'm pretty happy with 'em, overall. They're not properly finished on the inside (piping, serging, all of that good seam-finishing stuff the pros can do) so they won't be in heavy rotation, but it's nice to have another pair of trouser-style jeans in the mix. Mission accomplished!

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  1. They look great. Making pants intimidates me. But where is the butt/pocket shot?


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