toi·lette  (twah-lett)
1. The act or process of dressing or grooming oneself.

 ...Just wanted to make that clear, even though yes, there is a picture of an actual toilet to follow. Anyway.

Along with the soap dispensers and toothbrush holder in the last post, we also picked up a few more goodies for our master bathroom at Target. This over-the-toilet shelf, for one.

And yes, let it be known: I was not super excited about it in-store, but (deep breath) Nate was right, and I'm so glad we brought it home.
Assembled by yours truly with a Phillips head and 20 minutes, it's fully stocked and has freed up some serious linen closet real estate with all the towels removed.

The two bathrooms upstairs have yet to have any changes whatsoever made to them, including paint. But now that some accessory upgrades are going in, it's inspiring me to get on the stick and start making some decisions. 

I feel a rainy fall weekend project coming on!


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