Can I admit something here guys? I'm stuck.

Work is crazy and exhausting right now, and it's sopping up any creative juices I have. So frusterating! For me, I usually have a fairly steady stream of ideas and inspiration to make and do. So when I hit a creative dry spell, it makes me practically come out of my skin. I want to do things, I just don't have any ideas!
And actually that's a lie - With Pinterest and the web, the ideas come thick and fast. So perhaps it really boils down to a big ol' lack of motivation. Motivation and energy.

My bestie is coming up for the weekend, and one of her requests was that we 'do something crafty'. When she said it, I was inwardly almost a little nervous: Will I come up with anything to do? If I try something will it come out horribly? But the more I think about it, the more I'm excited to force it, as strange as that sounds. Maybe this creative rut has become a little too comfy, and it's time to stretch a little.

After all, what are friends for but to stretch you, support you, and ultimately make you smile. So glad she's coming this weekend, I need it.

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