Random Round Up: Go Team

The last weekend of summer means the kickoff of fall... and fall around here means football season. A home-town college game and a fantasy football draft officially launched autumn at our house!
Football season calls for custom accessories.
Game day, game garb, game face.
Fantasy Football research - I don't mess around.
Seemed like an appropriate shirt for the Fantasy draft.
 It was also 'free access to U.S. immigration records weekend' on Ancestry.com, so I took full advantage of that (and signed up for yet another 14 day free trial...) - I made it all the way back to 1602 with one line from my mom's side. Incredible! Seeing the words "10 times great grandfather" is just mind-blowing to me.
Tracing my lineage.
 Happy fall and happy (short!) week ahead.

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