Easy Upgrade: Closet Door Hardware

Okay, so it's not edge-of-your-seat riveting content here. But I just have to share it because really: Who doesn't like a cheap upgrade that takes 15 minutes? No one, that's who. Chew on that double negative.

On with the show! Honestly I don't remember picking up this package of closet door replacement hardware, but it's been hanging around for at least a year. It caught my eye this weekend, and grabbing an it-came-with-something-from-Ikea tool that happened to be sitting on the guest room bureau, I knocked this upgrade off the to-do list in about 15 minutes.
1 package = 2 pulls and 4 nails.
Gently loosening the edges...
...which in turn raised the tiny nails. Pry them out and lift out the pull.
 I'm sure there's a chicer, more preferable method for prying these guys out of your sliding doors, but I'm a use what you have kind of gal. Whatever tool you pick up, be very gentle so as not to damage your closet doors. But, ta-da! The before and after:
A subtle, but great, upgrade.
 The installation was a simpler version of the extrication: Pop in the hardware, make sure it's centered in terms of a nail hole level on each side, and push in the nails. I didn't require a hammer at all because the closet door is such a soft material.

Like I said, not a thrilling tale... Not even a huge impact like some other projects. But sometimes it's the little details that add up to making a room look like it has it together. And in turn, you might just look like YOU have it together.

Well... as long as the closet never gets opened anyway.

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