Skip this if you don't want to hear a proud wife brag. You've been warned.
Nate has officially begun the engineering degree, and the kickoff is calculus. Just spelling out the word makes me gag, let alone looking at the numbers. But the hubs is good at math, and is proving it by being officially an A student.

I really could not be prouder. Bursting!! First assignment: A. Second assignment: A. First exam? A.
After working hard all day he comes home and hits the books for at least 2 hours - Longer on the weekends. The class is a distance course, meaning it's 100% online and is pretty much self-taught. The professor assigns the homework, Nate does it, scans and submits his work, and waits for feedback while starting on the next assignment. He finds lectures and examples by searching YouTube and other internet sources, and takes notes from those and his textbook. The tests are timed, meaning I got to "help" on this first one by firing up the iPhone stopwatch and answering every time I heard a "how much time have I got left?" from the dining room.
His dedication and focus are just amazing to me. Proud, proud, proud of you, babe.

This week's Random Round Up will be coming a little later in the week - Had to mix things up to make room for my pride!

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