Fair Play

The Washington State Fair has always been a pretty big deal in my world - I looked forward to it every year as a kid, and although I don't go every year anymore, I'm pretty much just as excited about it as an adult. The animals, the food, just the whole thing - I love it! Held in Puyallup (say it with me kids: pew-AL-up), it's a bit of a trek to get there, but was totally worth it. Here's a snippet of our day at the fair:
The ferris wheel, of course.
Newly shorn sheep get chilly!
Ridiculous Alert: Apple Fries (pretty much individual apple pies)
Sums it up, eh?
Belgians. I'm so.very.happy when in a barn. Bliss.
Guinea pig judging. Naturally.
Last but not least, a little video dose of the Northwest: Chainsaw carving!
That last photo of the guinea pig judging makes me laugh every time. It was all so serious! Anyway, the rain held off, we ate a few variations of deep-fried-nonsense, and I got to wander around in barns of all kinds. Pretty perfect! Until next year, fair...

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