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It's the upgrade that almost wasn't.

I go through phases where I'll buy just about anything within reason, and then a switch gets flipped and I'm back to my scrimpy-save-y ways, scrutinizing every penny and over-analyzing every purchase for long-term value.

We were in the neighborhood of our local Home Goods store recently and Nate suggested we pop in to look for bar stools for our soon-coming table (next month, eeeee!). We struck out there, but spotted a great side table. Slowly but surely we've been upgrading our Ikea college leftovers, and deep down I knew this was just the thing. But... Sixty dollars? At that moment it felt sickening.
I got over it. And the more minutes it's in our home, the more I love it. Buh-bye black blocky Ikea table, helloooooo weathered, wrought-iron loveliness.
Lesson learned? If I see something I know is perfect, it's a great price for the quality, and it's in a place where they only sell one and it will only be there once.... For heaven's sake, BUY IT. Big ol' shout-out to the hubs for convincing me of my own lunacy and pretty much picking up both the table and I and taking us to the cash register. It's a keeper (and so's he).

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