Quick Craft: Modern Earrings

Jewelry making always sounds intimidating, but if you dig a clean-and-modern look, some pieces are pretty simple to produce.

Take a fun pair of drop earrings I made in under 10 minutes last night...
Jewelry Pins (straight on one end with a stopper on the other)
Beads (at least two - I got these pyrite chunks at Michael's)
Earring Hooks
Jewelry or Round-Nose Pliers

Step one, put your beads on your pins.
Step two, use your pliers to make a small circular bend at the opposite (straight) end from your bead. Leave it open enough that you can fit your earring hook through the opening.
Step three, slip your earring hook loop into your drop loop. Pinch the drop loop all the way closed.
Step four, rock it.
It's that easy. Happy weekend!

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