Random Round Up: Summer

First things first: Do you know that for the month of July you can make a donation to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation when you pick up your run-of-the-mill Walgreens purchases? From one dollar to ten, you choose the amount at the register and with the click of a button, your errand has just become a charitable mission. So please, drop a dollar or two in the virtual pot. It means so much to me and to all those touched by T1D! Click here to learn more or donate online here.

Now, on to your regularly scheduled programming. The running joke around here is that summer starts on July 5th. This year proves the validity: After rain on the fourth, an extended stretch of eighty-plus degree weather has me loving the world right now. It's summer!
I keep re-styling the shelf we built. Love having abundant backyard flowers!
Chop chop! Six inches gone.
Mango sticky rice - My new Thai food love.
Book. Bun. "Pool". Sun.
Sunday morning beach walk time.
Have a great week ahead, peeps!

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