Random Round Up: Eye Pleasing

Sometimes things are just pretty.
Nate captured this sunset - NO FILTER - at a Sounders game. Amazing.
Berries & Brambles. 
Pretty table flowers at a friend's wedding this weekend.
Even the bathrooms at the rustic wedding venue were flower-drenched.
And now, a little brag. I've been looking for a vintage saddle just to have in my home as a piece of art, for about ten years (I grew up riding whenever I got the chance). Let me tell you: People USE saddles. Those things do not come up for sale often around here, and when they do... cha-ching. Nate took a solo trip to North Dakota to visit some extended family, and a week later, this shows up at the door:
Amazing. Feeling like a pretty lucky girl. THE luckiest, actually.


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