Someday Has Come

Remember that room I've been calling my "someday sewing room"? I hope so, I've been calling it that for two and a half years.


That was a cringe break. I know I needed one.
I called myself out waaaaay back on June 13th of 2012 when we were about 5 months into living here and everything we moved in and didn't know what to do with immediately got dumped in this room. It was a white carpeted, junk-filled nightmare. Remember?
It evolved from there, especially when we had to clear the place to get our new floor, but was never truly functional as what I wanted. But now, oh-ho yes, now it looks a little something like this:
Yes, that's a small kegerator. Yes, I'm an awesome wife. Thanks for noticing.

Now excuse me while I go craft/sew-something/stare-googly-eyed at my clean room (that last one is the most likely option).

*Notice the desk-like tables? The larger table with the cutting mat on it is the former dining room set up. That makes two pieces of the former dining room at home in the sewing room: The light and the table/chairs. Yay for using what you've got!

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