Random Round Up: Mixed Bag

My week is starting with a mixed bag: I've taken on a new position that I am busting to tell you about, and had planned to today, but my excitement is a bit overshadowed by the loss of a dear friend and mentor that I found out about this morning.

Jim was the biggest University of Washington football fan I've ever known, so this snap of Husky Stadium from last week's flight home just has to go up in his honor:
Please, guys: SUNSCREEN. We tend to shrug off skin cancer because it's generally visible, treatable, and categorized as 'less serious'.

It's not. Take the annoying 5 minutes and put on the lotion, the spray, the stick, whatever. Sunscreen. Protection for yourself, and protection for your friends and family feeling like me today.

I can't leave you entirely depressed - Have some puppy and weekend goodness while you're here too:
Special delivery!
Forever fave: Avocado on toast (with a little Montreal Steak seasoning, yummm).
Clearly meant to be my dog. #CoffeeLover
Seriously SO over-the-moon excited to tell you more about my new job later in the week! Stay well, my friends.

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