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Mixing it up this week, mostly because I'm so excited about what I'm gonna tell you today. Random Round Up later in the week!

Have you heard of ThredUp? In 2015, clothing consignment stores have gone digital, and ThredUp.com is leading the charge. It's way past time for me to purge some closets, so one pass later and an overflowing bin was staring me in the face.
I'd heard of ThredUp thanks mostly to Facebook ads, and decided some from-home selling sounded a lot better than hauling my 40 pound tupperware in to the local consignment store. I hopped online, ordered a kit (aka: a large bag with postage attached and instructions on what to do) for free, and a few days later it showed up in my mailbox.
There's no time limitation on returning the bag. In fact, they want you to wait until you have enough to stuff it full to send it back as it's more worth it for everyone. Not a problem for me this time around - Their website tool was able to quickly check if my item was accepted or not based on brand and item type (aka: shoes, pants, etc.). Full disclosure: They're picky. They want good quality, clean, ready-to-wear stuff that's current and cute. In all the web and sent literature, the company is quite upfront that the usual acceptance rate is about 50% of what you send in. To me, that's fair. They're a business and honestly, they're doing me a favor.
Accepted items ready to pack.
Rejected brands waiting to go to the next stop.
So what happens to the stuff they don't accept? If you want it back, you sign up to pay a $12.99 fee (if required) when you order your kit. If you just want the clothes out of your house period, you can leave it all with them and they will responsibly recycle anything left over. Lovely! If you choose the latter, you are only coming out ahead: Free kit, free shipping of the bag, free closet space, and you will be paid for what they accept. I'd say that's a pretty darn good deal.
I signed up to pay the $12.99 fee this first time as I want to see what's rejected, and I will probably take those items to my local consignment store to see if they want them. If they say no too, I'm excited to donate to a clothing bank my mom volunteers with. It's good stuff, and name brands should have nothing to do with these things being worn again!
The last step is to either drop your full bag off at a FedEx store or schedule a pickup online with your USPS carrier. Both are free, but hey, if someone will come get it for me I'm all about that. USPS pickup it is! The bag comes with the appropriate postage and sending address already attached. Seriously couldn't be easier.
On the front steps awaiting pickup!
I'll report back on how it all shakes out, but for now I'm so excited to have 20 pounds of clothes out of the house without dropping a dime. Three cheers for ThredUp!

Update: Want to see the results? Right here.

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