From Golden Guest Rest to Gray for Baby J

As promised, it's time to get these baby room updates on the books. It's been a slow process: First because, well, pregnant, and second, because: Louisiana/Minnesota/Life. But I'm happy to say the paint portion is pretty much complete, and I couldn't be happier with the results!
First up, painting the ceiling. I wouldn't wish this neck-breaking
work on my worst enemy! Not looking forward to it in other rooms. YUCK.
Tucker was a big help.
Job: Done. Glasses: Spattered. Body: SORE.
Pressing the roller on the ceiling left me with The Claw for a day or so, and some
lovely blisters after.
Next up, taking care of a very well-worn windowsill. Sand, primer, and paint (remember?)!
...And two coats of paint later. Much improved!
 And things really got moving once I got to start putting our chosen color - Glidden Granite Gray - up on the walls. Transformation! Suddenly that windowsill work started to really stand out too.
Completed ceiling, walls, and windowsill!
Last but not least, I painted all the baseboard and door trim to match the sill. We also tore out the builder-standard single-rack closet prior to painting. It's currently being built out again with multiple racks and some shelving!
Tuck-The-Helper at it again, this time supervising the crib build.
From golden guest room to fresh gray nursery. The transformation is well under way!
I've since stenciled an accent wall, which I'll reveal soon, and the closet installation should be finished up within a week or so. Can't wait to be able to hang and store some lovely gifts we've already received. We've hung curtains too; higher and wider than those in the before pic, which has made a big difference to the window.

At some point along this show-and-tell journey I'll have to bite the bullet and reveal what's happened to all the stuff in that room previously.... Let me tell you, not a pretty picture whittling down two full rooms into one cohesive guest room/man cave. That's still a bit of a work in progress. But for now, YAY for a room nearly finished in terms of the big stuff! And now comes the fun: Art, a rug, pillows, etc. I'll keep you posted!

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