ThredUp FollowUp

As you may recall, a few weeks back I packed up some clothes I was ready to part with, packed 'em in a polka-dot bag, and shipped them off to ThredUp, the online consignment store.
ThredUp makes it clear on their website that they usually accept about 50% of what's sent in. Call me an optimist, but I thought I sent in some great stuff and wouldn't have any problem beating the odds.


I'd say my percentage was about 35-40ish, and what was chosen was not at all what I would have guessed. If anything, the pieces they took I thought might be coming back!
I wasn't expecting to bring in big bucks by any means, but under $11 for a payout also felt a little on the low end.

A fun addition, however, is that they do send you an email to let you know when something's sold. I was surprised to see the items they accepted pretty much flying off the virtual shelves! I guess the ThredUp buyers know what they're doing, whether I like it or not.
So would I do it again? Maybe, but probably not. I'm more likely to make a purchase from ThredUp's site then send items in again. With paying $12.99 to have my rejected items sent back to me and making $10.53 from the clothes they accepted, I actually ended up spending $2.46 on this endeavor. So! Off to my local consignment store I'll go, and after that, donate whatever is left.

Regardless, this closet clean-out is not taking a step backward. In fact, I think I'll go add some more to the pile!

Want the whole story? You can read about getting set up with ThredUp and shipping stuff out right here.

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