Random Round Up: Country Time

A weekend away in the country at my parents' house was just what the doctor ordered. A quick 24 hour total time away, but sometimes a brief change of scenery is all ya need to get recharged for a (really, really, really) long week ahead.
A family friend knitted the most adorable octopus for Baby J - I promptly named him Oggie.
The hazards of living with a crafty person...
My mom's beautiful heirloom tomatoes.
The amount of smoke and haze from the fires over the mountains in Eastern
Washington was unreal. It's getting really scary for my beautiful state.
A butterfly feeds on the marigolds keeping pests away from the tomatoes.
I've got some 10 and 11 hour workdays coming this week, and Nate is starting school again, so wish us luck as we enter the fray! Cheers, guys.

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